The airport

Saint-Brieuc airport : a historical and strategic organization

Inaugurated on November 30, 1985, the Saint-Brieuc Armor airport is located in the town of Trémuson, on the border of the National Road which links Paris to Brest. Thanks to its privileged location in the heart of the Region, the airport has become a strategic support for the local economy, local decision makers and actors, health organizations, Breton tourism and sports teams.

The airport is open to public air traffic with national and international flights with the ability to arrange customs clearance.

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National and international traffic

Saint Brieuc Airport has for several years hosted regular flights to the island of Jersey and Guernsey. Today, even if the platform no longer operates regular flights, we continue to welcome British passengers despite the Brexit. The Saint Brieuc Armor Airport works in close collaboration with the Côtes d’Armor Customs teams, so the platform is able to welcome passengers from all over the world.

The airport is accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for any aircraft coming from the Schengen area and with a 24 hour notice on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends for aircraft coming from the rest of the world. For any additional requests, please contact us.

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Infrastructure designed for European traffic

Saint-Brieuc airport is built on a 2,200 meter long runway. The infrastructure has been technically designed to accommodate European traffic. The length and load-bearing capacity of the runway make the platform accessible to a wide range of aircraft, from flying clubs to Boeing and Airbus.

Saint Brieuc Armor airport offers an ATC and a Firecat services as well as a ground handling service. Thanks to these human and material resources, the airport is able to welcome all passengers and crews visiting the Côtes d’Armor region with a high quality service, adapted to business and private aircrafts.

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